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"Charon is a PC based replacement for the VAX", that understates it. Charon is a whole series of VAX replacement systems that can be configured with multiple controllers, up to 5 Ethernet cards and hundreds of disks. It can be clustered using iSCSI and runs so much faster than the VAX no one has ever looked back.

What is a Symbiont?

It's a special program that runs under the control of the queue manager. The queue manager deals with the scheduling and queuing of jobs. As soon as a job becomes due to run it gets passed to the symbiont, which does all the processing, finally informing the queue manager its completed.

How can you present our data to the web so quickly?

We use a utility called netmap that can map onto any type of RMS file whether in use or not. Four web servers then maintain an index enabling instant searching on any field. This is great say if you have complex search criteria and want it executed instantly as search result time is better than 0.02 seconds even on a large data set.

What lead times can we expect?

We aim to complete all migrations, small utilities within 3 weeks from being asked.

How do you keep your prices so low?

Firstly by using the Swiftbase RTL, this RTL has been used by many thousands of users in a great many ways, it contains a significant proportion of any solution we deploy. Secondly we have a whole range of documentation and kit building templates drastically reducing development times.

How can you produce difficult solutions in such a short time?

We have been coding on VMS since its first arrival in the UK over 25 years ago and although VMS has developed much over that time it has stayed true to its original concepts. This means that the code libraries we use have been built up and refined over a long period of time such that we know have a core 500 functions, all recursive, that can be connected together to solve just about any problem you might have.