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CHARON-VAX console while booting, as you can see its exactly the same as the original system even running the same microcode based diagnostics.


Charon breaks the 500 VUP barrier. Now fully supporting SMP the Charon 6000 series is the fastest performing VAX ever built.

Logon to a Charon cluster via the console image above (account windemo, no password).


CHARON-VAX is a hardware emulator for replacing VAX systems.

16 VAX models are now 100% replicated, all with wide ranging configuration options. This means we can guarantee to migrate VMS and all the VAX applications directly to PC exactly as is without you having to do a thing - usually for less than the cost of your annual support contract.

Delivering up to 85 VUPS per processor and with considerably faster disk & network I/O, CHARON-VAX migrations can greatly out perform the top end VAX systems in both raw performance and uptime.

Swiftbase is the largest CHARON-VAX agent globally with 100's of migrations in the UK alone. While each and every migration we have started has been a total success for the end users and support staff alike. As well as reducing floor space, aircon usage and annual support charges reliability is always far better too.

Today well over 2000 CHARON-VAX systems have been migrated and if you ask Swiftbase to migrate yours we'll guarantee if you're not completely happy with the move to CHARON-VAX there's no charge - not a bean.

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